Seeking interviews with women for the ASPIRE Project

Seeking interviews with women for the ASPIRE Project

Now that we have finalised the ethics approvals and the bicultural workers in Victoria and Tasmania have completed training in qualitative research, we are spreading the word about the ASPIRE project to connect with women who may be interested in participating in confidential in-depth interviews.

Perhaps you or someone you know might be interested in participating?

We are seeking to interview women who:

  1. Are over the age of 18
  1. Are able to independently provide consent to participate in the research project
  1. Came to Australia from overseas as a migrant, refugee or asylum seeker and are now living in Victoria or Tasmania.
  1. Have experienced family violence but are not in a current crisis situation.

We are using a broad definition of family violence to include any family-like relationships and behaviours ranging from physical abuse, verbal/emotional abuse, psychological abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse, and threatening and coercive behaviour.

Participants can be provided with information about the project and interviewed in the language of their choosing. We have trained researchers who speak a range of community languages. Alternatively, participants can speak to an English-speaking researcher using an interpreter. All interview participants will be asked to sign a consent form, and will receive a Coles voucher as thanks for their time.

Our safety protocol is extensive and covers trauma-informed approaches, safety planning, privacy for participants, referral resources to family violence and other support services and follow up with participants as necessary.

Click on the links to access the following resources to provide to potential interview participants:

Project Poster – this can be shared with potential participants or put up in a waiting area at your office. English poster, Arabic poster or Vietnamese poster.

Information flyer – this can be discussed with potential participants that you think might be interested in the project. English flyer, Arabic flyer or Vietnamese flyer.

Permission to pass on contact details – if you know a woman who would like to speak to the research team please put their contact details on the Permission to pass on contact details form and ask her to sign it. Please send the form either by post or email using the details on the document. We will make contact with the potential participant in their preferred language.

For interview referrals in Victoria, please contact:

Jasmin at the Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health

(03) 9418 0922


Erin at the University of Melbourne

(03) 8344 0174

For interview referrals in Tasmania, please contact:

Dr Linda Murray at the University of Tasmania

(03) 6226 4720

We look forward to hearing from you!


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