Data collection update

Data collection update

The ASPIRE Research team have been busy bees over the past few weeks conducting interviews with key informant service providers and running focus groups in Victoria and Tasmania.

The focus groups for Victoria are progressing very well and we have our schedule organised to complete this important part of the research in the coming weeks. We have nearly completed all key informant interviews in Victoria and Tasmania, but will add in a few more as we continue to progress our data collection.

Most recently, we have conducted ten focus groups during visits to Hobart/Glenorchy and Launceston. This process involved providing a two day training program in qualitative research with local bicultural/bilingual experts who then assisted to organise and facilitate focus groups with various cultural communities. Ten groups are now complete in Tasmania and a couple more are in the pipelines for the near future. 

Many thanks to the Australian Red Cross (Tasmania) and the Migrant Resource Centre Southern for their immense support and assistance with linking us to these local experts and communities.

It was an absolute pleasure to run training and conduct focus groups with the bicultural workers. Below is a photo from a training activity with the bicultural workers about the skills and self-care strategies that they bring to this project. This reflects an important part of the ASPIRE Project – building up our research skills and taking care of ourselves and each other!


Interviews with women who have experienced violence

Interviews with immigrant and refugee women who have experienced family violence themselves are also progressing well. We are receiving referrals for interviewees through our network of service providers and community leaders.

As we would like to interview women with a wide range of experiences to ensure rich and robust data outcomes, there are no longer any site-based limitations to referrals.

Immigrant and refugee women living in Victoria or Tasmania could be referred or make direct contact with us if they would like to find out more about being involved in a confidential interview.

Please visit our earlier blog post for more information about interview criteria and how to refer.


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