ASPIRE methods paper published

ASPIRE methods paper published

The ASPIRE project has received a wonderful start to 2016 with the publication of a methods paper, which provides a clear outline of the ASPIRE research project, its background, methods and approach.

ASPIRE is a multi-site community-based participatory research project, and we hope that by sharing our relatively unique approach we can encourage researchers to consider engaging with bilingual and bicultural workers as invaluable resources in cross-cultural research. The paper will also be a useful document for the project team to refer back to and reflect on at the completion of the project.

You can access the article here in BMC Public Health, or find the full citation below.

Vaughan, C., Murdolo, A., Murray, L., Davis, E., Chen, J., Block, K., … & Warr, D. (2015). ASPIRE: A multi-site community-based participatory research project to increase understanding of the dynamics of violence against immigrant and refugee women in Australia. BMC public health, 15(1), 1.



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